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Deceive Inc. features Cross-Play so you can team and play with friends regardless of platform.

Blend in. Break out.



Welcome, agent.Welcome, agent.Welcome, agent.Welcome, agent.

Your assignments are waiting, but your colleagues are not.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the designated location undetected and extract with the objective. How you achieve this is entirely up to you.

To protect our clients' investment, we deploy multiple Agents into the field at once. Competition is high, but hey, that's good for business.

Speculative projections indicate that you have the makings of a world-class agent. Now it's time to prove it.




Meet the agents

Maryam Saad aka


Precise Professional

Formerly known as Knight, the spy of Legend, Vigil comes out of hiding to show her rivals what a true spy is made of. Back with new tactics and a brand new arsenal, Vigil’s ready to save the world once more.

Starting Weapon




Meet the agents

Keiji Takase aka


The Venomous Assassin

Ex-henchman for hire, Sasori has tangoed with death more times than anyone could count. Armed with his noxious arsenal and a sincere wish to make amends, Sasori comes back from retirement to cut through the competition with a renewed sense of quietude.

Starting Weapon

Ame & Kage



Meet the agents

Selena Ivanenko


Treacherous Seductress

Sultry, manipulative and hungry for power, Red is always on the lookout for the next big score. Planning every move in advance, Red isn't afraid use her charms to obtain what she wants... And she always gets what she wants.

Starting Weapon




Meet the agents

Ethan Chavez aka


Rugged Veteran

A true legend of the spy world, Chavez uses his strength and his kind heart to fight the good fight. He’s supposed to be retired by now, but he’s back for one last mission… or so he says.

Starting Weapon

‘Sentinel’ Revolver



Meet the agents

Florence Jacques aka


Unflinching Investigator

Brash detective Cavalière leaves no stone unturned… And if her deduction skills are not enough to keep you in check, her serious combat abilities learned during her globe-trotting days will do the talking.

Starting Weapon

‘Dragoons’ Alternating Dual Pistols



Meet the agents

Francois Claudet aka


Gentleman Thief

Gentleman thief and professional borrower, Larcin has made quite a name for himself with his peculiar savoir faire and showmanship. His charms are such that you won’t even be mad when noticing previous items missing from your pockets.

Starting Weapon

‘Silence’ Throwable Pocket Pistol



Meet the agents

Unknown aka


The Boisterous Hacker

Hacking his way through Deceive Inc.'s hiring system, Octo's fortune is only matched by his boldness. Always going all in for risky plays, the boisterous hacker knows how to turn Lady Luck's frown upside down. And when he gets dealt a bad hand, Octo makes sure his rivals fold.

Starting Weapon




Meet the agents

Hans Moritz aka


Imposing Provocateur

Once a head honcho of a super criminal empire, Hans used to have it all. Now forced to serve his sentence as a Deceive Inc. agent, he swears he’ll regain back his former power and glory.

Starting Weapon

‘The Hook’ Hand-mounted Shotgun



Meet the agents

Madame Xiu

Enigmatic Dame

There are a lot of rumors circulating about Madame Xiu, her past, and her abilities. Deceive Inc. can’t confirm any of them without breaching their contract with her, which is a dangerous game to play with such a cutthroat and enigmatic lady.

Starting Weapon

‘Zhulong’ Automatic Crossbow



Meet the agents

Rupert Reid aka


Adaptable Recruit

As Deceive Inc’s youngest agent, Squire constantly feels the weight of his mentor’s legacy on his shoulders. However, don’t let his impostor syndrome fool you. He’s a top of the line operative, capable of the best.

Starting Weapon

PT-08 Lance Silenced Pistol



Tools of the trade


Holo Mimic

Bounce Mat


Automated Turret

Signal Scrambler

Recon Drone



Hack Trap

Goo Pod

Throw down and inflate to jump to hard to reach places, block entrances, or bounce enemies away.

Become your surroundings by transforming into any scannable inanimate object.

Throw down and inflate to jump to hard to reach places, block entrances, or bounce enemies away.

Open up in a pinch to keep yourself dry and bullet hole free.

Deploy for an extra bit of firepower and a built-in camera to remotely keep tabs on an area.

Deactivate your opponent's pesky gadgets.

Survey areas and mark potential targets with built in tracing darts.

Remotely hack terminals and gather resources while remaining totally incognito.

Cleverly place down to Blow your rivals' cover.

Turn electronic devices into traps that track enemies.

Toggle on to create goo-filled areas that limit your opponent's movement.

Watch Yourself

Both literally and figuratively. The gadget that will help you watch your back the most will be your standard issue Deceive Inc. Watch.

This techy timepiece connects directly to IRIS, giving you everything needed to blend into your surroundings, hack electronics, change your appearance, and more!

It's the perfect marriage of fashion and function, but don't try any funny business. IRIS will be watching.



Silver Reef

Deep beneath the Norwegian sea lies the luxurious Frozen Coral hotel. Recently, the bountiful and hip resort has been booked in its entirety by the Evensen twins to unveil a new deadly prototype in their weaponized-fashion line.

We can't allow to let this prototype hit the market.

Diamond Spire

In Southeast Asia, near downtown Singapore, stands the imposing Aspire by Jati™ Tower: Business HQ of the titular athlete, stock investor, tv actor, recording artist and influencer and multi-trillionaire Jati bin Teh.

We're inserting you on the premises to extract from Jati's lab a highly addictive, secret ingredient that is in Jati's upcoming sports drink brand.

Hard Sell

Lavish, regal and grand, this mediterranean mansion on an islet off the Spanish coast is owned by Sebastian Garcia, information broker. Deceive Inc. tasks you with collecting, before it gets auctioned off, the Bull's Eye: a fake art piece hosting a hard drive containing a slew of government data.

Fragrant Shore

Welcome to San Flores, Agent, a picturesque port municipality in the Caribbean. However don't let the glistening waters fool you, something fishy lurks down below. You are sent to recover the recipe of an experimental eau de parfum developed by none other than one and only Luana.

Our intel informs us that the fragrance would basically allow Luana to mind-control anybody sporting it. If this perfume goes global, the result would be catastrophic.

Sound Eclipse

Hazen, famous singer, artist and writer, is finally ready to unveil their newest performance: AGE OF DARKNESS, an opera that will revolutionize performance art forever. The catch? Hazen’s performance is a cover to unleash a powerful EMP device from space. Hazen, a true artist at heart, believes technology has rendered humanity incapable of creativity. If Hazen is not stopped, the highest note in their show will trigger the device, sending humanity’s technology back to the dark age.



Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enter the premises, collect the objective, and extract with it. Be careful agent, you won't be alone.

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